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safety handling procedures for inertial crushing equipment

  • Materials Handling and Storage

    2021-2-4 · Using mechanical equipment to move and store materials increases the potential for employee injuries. Workers must be aware of both manual handling safety concerns and safe equipment operating techniques. Employees should avoid overloading equipment when moving materials mechanically by letting the weight, size, and shape of the material being

  • Primary Lithium Battery Safety & Handling

    2019-8-27 · - Appropriate personal protective equipment should be available - Exercise caution when stacking boxes to prevent crushing of cells in lower boxes Handling During Assembly The guidelines identified in this document should be incorporated into all areas of the facility as Best Management Practices or Safe Work Practices.

  • Laboratory Safety Manual

    2021-9-7 · C. Handling and Personal Protective Equipment. Familiarize yourself with the hazards specific to HF before handling. Consult this Chapter, the SDS, the EHS HF webpage and label information. Always handle HF in a properly functioning laboratory hood, and in an area equipped with an eyewash and safety shower.

  • 619 Materials Handling Safety

    2020-5-15 · Material Handling - Safety Memos • Many injuries occur when manually handling materials while loading or unloading pick-up and delivery trucks. • The size and design of surface mining machines often restrict operators'' vision and makes it impossible to see vehicles and persons close to them. •


    2021-7-13 · 2.0 construction safety plans and work method statements 5 3.0 scheduling of works 7 4.0 hazard identification, reporting and accident procedures 7 5.0 manual handling 9 6.0 first aid 9 7.0 personal protective equipment 10 8.0 hazardous substances 10 9.0 ladders, trestle ladders and planks 11 10.0 scaffolding 13


    2009-6-5 · Safety procedures for consideration. 15 ... Safety of electrical equipment and services 16 Checklist. 16 Reference documents. 17 5.2. HAZARDOUS PLANT 18 5.2.1 EQUIPMENT GUARDING. 18 Basic principles of guarding 18 ... 5.5 CRUSHING, SCREENING AND CONVEYOR MACHINERY. 43

  • Safe handling of chemotherapy drugs

    Direct contact with chemotherapy drugs (HDs), either by handling, reconstituting, or administering, represents an exposure risk.. The recommended location for chemotherapy preparation and administration is a quiet, low-traffic room that is dedicated to chemotherapy purposes, free from distractions, and easy to clean.. Many HDs have also been found to have drug residue on the …

  • Conveyor Safety Guide

    2017-3-1 · 16. SAFE WORK PROCEDURES 24 16.1. General 24 16.2. Isolation procedure 24 16.3. Operating procedures 24 16.4. Maintenance procedures 24 17. MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT 24 17.1. General 24 18. Training 25 FURTHER ASSISTANCE 26 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 26 REFERENCES 26

  • Health & Safety Workbook

    2018-2-21 · Health & Safety Workbook 7 31 Work Equipment • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – the provision of PPE is a last resort and is only to be used where a potential hazard remains after considering all the other possible controls, e.g. safety goggles when using any work equipment where bits of the material could be ejected.

  • Lithium Battery Safety, Handling, and Storage

    2015-10-21 · Lithium Battery Storage, Handling, and Safety STPS-SOP-0018 Version 1 Aug 2015 . rechargeable primary Lithium batteries should be stored separately from rechargeable Lithium ion batteries. Cell Handling Procedures . The primary hazard associated with both primary and secondary lithium batteries is short circuiting.


    2019-3-15 · Slinging and Load Handling 93 Machine Recovery 94 Road Building plant and equipment 96 Crushers and Screeners 100 Drilling Equipment 102 General Health & Safety 103 Health, Hygiene and Welfare Facilities 103 Chemicals / Dermatitis 104

  • Safe Operating Procedure

    2020-4-8 · animal handling that are relevant to the risk assessment process are provided below. Add to this list as appropriate to address specific situations, species, tasks, as well as actual injuries/illnesses and near-misses. Kicks, bites, scratches Zoonotic diseases . Slips, trips, falls Crushing, goring . Allergies to animal/molds Electric shock

  • Pre-Startup Safety Review Checklist (PSSR)

    The PSSR is a safety review conducted prior to startup (commissioning) of a new or modified processing/manufacturing plant or facility to ensure that installations meet the original design or operating intent, to catch and re-assess any potential hazard due to changes during the detailed engineering and construction phase of a project. In other words, it ensures the "Ready for Start …

  • Safety and Loss Control Miscellaneous

    2021-11-30 · Training for basic safety, inspection procedures, the correct use of personal protective equipment, hazardous chemicals handling, safety sensitive position requirements, etc., shall be conducted prior to an employee starting operations. Employees shall remain under close supervision until they have demonstrated competency.

  • Safe Work Procedure Template

    2018-10-25 · CNC Router Safe Work Procedure. Safe Work Procedure. NOTE: ... Potential to cause harm as a result of crushing from moving parts, hazardous manual handling, materials being ejected from the plant and chemical hazard (release of …

  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

    2020-5-22 · Handling and Spills of Powdered or Aerosolized Hazardous Drugs. Training References. Appendix A: Duke University Health System Hazardous Drug List Appendix B: Safe Handling Procedures for Preparing Hazardous Drugs Appendix C: Safety Procedures for Decontaminating and Servicing Biological Safety Cabinets Used for Hazardous Drug Preparation

  • Safe Operating Procedure

    2020-4-8 · Toe Impact Rating: Safety shoes or boots with impact protection are required when carrying or handling heavy materials/objects such as packages, parts or heavy tools, which could be dropped or fall onto the feet and cause serious injury. Two classes of …

  • machinery and equipment safety – an introduction

    2019-11-20 · MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT SAFETY – AN INTRODUCTION 1 IntroductIon Machinery and Equipment Safety: An Introduction is provided in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (OHS Act) to assist employers and employees comply with their duties and obligations. This guide is an introduction to managing the risks associated …

  • QH441-OperationManual

    2015-11-6 · 1.1 Safety principles put safety first. This is to ensure maximum safety measures are taken, ALWAYS read this section carefully BEFORE carrying out any work on the equipment or making any adjustments. Note: This equipment is manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/ 42/EC of 01.01.2010.

  • ISO 13849-1:2015(en), Safety of machinery ? Safety-related ...

    This part of ISO 13849 provides safety requirements and guidance on the principles for the design and integration of safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS), including the design of software. For these parts of SRP/CS, it specifies characteristics that include the performance level required for carrying out safety functions.


    2016-9-9 · working in a manner consistent with safe materials handling and following developed work procedures. 3.3 WHS Unit The WHS Unit is available for consultation on materials handling issues; and the development, monitoring and evaluation of …


    2008-7-29 · Safety standard - Guillotine paper cutters, mill trimmers and integral handling equipment This standard specifies operational & mechanical safety specifications for the design and use of guillotine cutters, mill trimmers and integral handling equipment, when they are used as intended, under conditions foreseen by the manufacturers. 32 pp. $25.00

  • Guidelines for Developing a Personal Protective Equipment

    2021-2-5 · Equipment (PPE) Program The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards such as machines, work procedures, and hazardous substances that can cause injury or illness. When all other means of protection are not effective,

  • Guide to machinery and equipment safety

    2020-7-22 · PN10596 Version 3 Last updated March 2019 – Guide to machinery and equipment safety 4 1. Key principles of machinery and equipment safety 1.1 Mechanical hazards Machinery and equipment have moving parts. The action of moving parts may have sufficient force in motion to cause injury to people.

  • Five Tailgate Topics on Hand Safety

    2019-8-12 · Checking material/equipment for rough or sharp edges before handling. Making sure moving machinery is guarded. Maintaining an effective barrier between hands and hazards by using tools or other aids. Good housekeeping on workbenches, etc. Tailgate Talk No: 2 (cont''d)

  • Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling

    2018-12-12 · Division of Occupational Safety and Health, California Department of Industrial Relations. Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling was prepared for publication by the Cal/OSHA Consultation Service, Research and Education Unit, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, California Department of Industrial Relations.


    2018-8-8 · intervals for the lifting devices/equipment used to make critical lifts. (c) Specific written procedures shall be prepared and followed for all critical lifts. (d) Individuals with a designated safety responsibility (NASA or contractor) shall be present to monitor critical lift operations for compliance with this document.

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