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where to take concrete to be recycled

  • Recycle & Reuse Search Tool | Recycle Right

    Recycle concrete through a specialized construction company or take to a designated Construction and Demolition Debris landfill for recycling: Complete Resources; VLD Grading; National Lime & Stone (concrete only) Frank Rd Recycling Solutions; Scotts C& D Landfill; Please call ahead to confirm pricing and drop off guidelines.

  • Concrete chokes our landfill sites – but where else can it ...

    2019-2-26 · According to their calculation, it would even make money: based on selling recycled concrete aggregate to concrete producers at about 80% of the price of materials, the project would ...

  • 7 Places You Can Take Concrete To Be Recycled

    Recycled concrete offers the perfect textures and structures for custom hardscapes, elevated and textured flowerbeds, and adds structure to your lawn''s irrigation system. Specialty Concrete Recycling Facility. Finally, the best place to take your concrete for recycling is a specialty concrete recycling facility.

  • Material Recycling | Concrete | Blacktop | Fra-Dor

    Turning concrete or asphalt into a recyclable product is a great way to use materials that don''t seem re-usable. Old concrete doesn''t have much value otherwise. If you take it to a landfill, you''ll have to pay a fee to dump it and let it sit. Material recycling, on the other hand, is …

  • How To Effectively Dispose of Your Construction Waste

    2019-11-6 · Reuse, recycle, dispose- what to do? According to the types of C&D waste materials, you can consider the options of reusing or recycling. Some recyclable construction materials (e.g. masonry, windows, doors, roofing, cardboard and paper, plastic containers, etc.) can be used again or recycled depending on their condition.

  • 3 Ways to Dispose of Concrete

    2019-11-25 · 3. Load the concrete onto a truck or trailer. Depending on how much concrete you have, you''ll need to load it up into the bed of a pick-up truck or onto a trailer. Pile the concrete so larger pieces are on top of smaller pieces and are less likely to fall out while in transit.

  • Ways to Recycle and Reuse Concrete

    Concrete Recycling & Crushed Concrete. Recycling concrete from demolition project can result in considerable savings since it saves the costs of transporting concrete to the landfill (as much as $ .25 per ton/mile), and eliminates the cost of disposal (as high as $100 per ton). As landfill costs for construction, demolition, and land-clearing ...

  • recycle

    2021-12-18 · All Recycle North 5350 Washington St, Denver, CO 80216 303-293-3333 All yard waste. Allied Recycled Aggregates 7901 US-85, Commerce City, CO 80022 303-289-3366 Concrete and asphalt. Alpine Waste & Recycling 7373 Washington St., Denver, CO 80229 303-744-9881 Composting, recycling, waste collection. Colorado Landscape Materials & Recycling

  • Langley Concrete Recycling Dumpsite

    High Quality Recycled Concrete & Asphalt Aggregate Products Available: 3″ Minus Structural Fill (75mm) $7.00/Tonne* 3/4″ Road Base (20mm) $8.00/Tonne* 3/4″ Asphalt Surface Grindings (20mm) $12.00/Tonne* Interlocking Concrete Construction Block (Full-Size) $80.00 Interlocking Concrete Construction Block (Flat-Top) $90.00 Interlocking Concrete Construction Block (Half …

  • The best way to recycle concrete in Brisbane | Moreton Bay ...

    2019-10-10 · Moreton Bay Recycling (Narangba) 171-177 Potassium Street, Narangba, QLD, 4504. Based in Narangba (north of Brisbane), we mainly service the Moreton Bay area, but we often have clients travel from all over Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to use our facilities. We accept clean concrete waste and can even process concrete with steel through it.

  • How to Dispose of Concrete & Asphalt | Budget Dumpster

    2021-12-10 · 1. Take It to a Concrete or Landscape Supplier. Many of these vendors will happily accept old concrete or asphalt. You can usually drop off your debris at their facilities, where it will be crushed and recycled into new concrete mix and concrete aggregate. This can then be used as gravel and underlayment for paved surfaces like roads and ...

  • Can Old Concrete be Crushed for Recycling?

    2019-11-29 · Crushed concrete, known as a "green building material", is environmentally friendly. You give new life to unwanted concrete and require very little processing to produce it. Using recycled concrete can reduce the pollution involved in transportationand mining. It is reported that recycling one ton of concrete could save 900 kg of CO2.

  • The best way to recycle concrete in Brisbane | Moreton Bay ...

    2019-9-23 · Take to Air Liquide: 842-4125 (Kalihi), 682-2100 (Campbell) AirGas: 842-2142, or Refrigerant Recycling: 682-1555 for safe disposal. Paint Small quantities generated at home can be disposed of with your regular rubbish. Latex paints can be hardened in the can, then thrown away.

  • Recycled Crushed Concrete Prices and Concrete Recycling ...

    A1 Concrete Recyclers are constantly researching strategies to re-use recycled material. With new federal and state policies, new costs, changes and advancements in the industry and Sydney''s continued growth come opportunities to innovate new solutions. The owner-operators of A1 Concrete Recyclers have purchased a concrete batching plant.

  • What Parts of a Home can be Recycled?

    People may have to search a bit to find a location that accepts toilets for recycling. Many locations that take concrete will also take porcelain for the same purpose, but they may not use toilets. For old, inefficient toilets, some regions have programs where homeowners can exchange an existing toilet for a discount on a new one.

  • Concrete Disposal — Can You Recycle or Throw Away?

    2019-2-26 · In general, concrete can be recycled. In most cases, the unwanted concrete at a job site can be reprocessed into crushed stone. Being able to find …

  • How to Recycle Bricks – RecycleNation

    2014-6-12 · If your only option is to recycle bricks, use 1-800-RECYCLING''s recycling search tool to find a recycler near you. It is possible your community recycling center will accept and recycle bricks; the one in Eugene, OR, does. If not, your solid waste agency may have a list of places you can take bricks and other construction materials.

  • Concrete & Brick Disposal and Recycling Melbourne

    2021-12-17 · Brick & Concrete Recycling Services For Melbourne. Work with a company that''s dedicated to your success. Repurpose It offers a comprehensive range of concrete and brick disposal and recycling services, making it simple and easy for businesses across Melbourne to safely and responsibly dispose of construction waste.

  • 7 Places You Can Take Concrete To Be Recycled

    3 Ways to Dispose of Concrete - wikiHow

  • DunnDemolition Recycled Concrete, brick & Block Service ...

    2018-4-18 · 124 S. Sykes Avenue. ia Beach, ia 23454. (Near Oceana NAS) 757-472-4142. e-mail [email protected] . Click here for maps and directions to Dunn Crushing & Recycling (Note that the yard is at the dead end …

  • Concrete Recycling and Asphalt Recycling | Washington Rock

    Recycled concrete and asphalt from demolished roadways or structures can be reused on roadways and in construction projects. Waste fill must be certified and exceed 200 tons. Before material is accepted, it must be tested to ensure that it isn''t contaminated with hazardous materials such as heavy metals or petroleum products.

  • Concrete Recycling

    2021-12-15 · Concrete and demolition recycling, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way to dispose of construction debris. At our fully-integrated facility, these materials can be processed on-site, which leads to a greener ecosystem and a more economical solution to putting heavy debris into the landfill.

  • I am a contractor, where can I recycle broken concrete and ...

    2021-4-22 · The concrete rubble is passed through a series of crushing machines each one sizing it down to a smaller component. The crushed concrete is screened to meet government specifications for recycled road base, which is why all broken concrete must be free of all debris; steel is separated using magnets for further recycling.

  • How Do I? How Do I Recycle These Items?

    2021-12-19 · Take the Seward Highway to Dowling. Go west on Dowling to Rosewood. Go south on Rosewood to recycling center, behind NAPA store. Open 24/7 for materials drop-off. The Anchorage Regional Landfill is located off the Hiland Road exit of the Glenn Highway, in Eagle River. The recycling drop-off area is open during faclity hours.

  • Concrete Recycling and Disposal Fact Sheet

    2017-6-16 · concrete handlers determine what painted concrete can be recycled or how it must be disposed of. "Clean" concrete is exempt by rule from most regulations. With certain location limitations, clean concrete may be crushed and used as fill, aggregate in road beds or concrete to concrete recycling. Most

  • Concrete Recycling | Concrete Disposal | Concrete Dumpster

    2021-12-14 · Concrete Recycling . Contractors, landscapers, and home remodelers looking to get rid of used concrete have a few options at their disposal. They can take it to a landfill where it will take up space and won''t be reintroduced into the material stream, or a recycling facility where it will be ground up and reused.

  • Concrete

    Concrete can be brought to North County Recycling Center & Sanitary Landfill and the Lovelace Materials Recovery Facility & Transfer Station.. CONCRETE RECYCLERS: Clean Planet, Inc. 250 Port Rd. 23, Stockton, CA 95203 | (209) 463-1067 Map & Directions Accepts asphalt, brick, tile, concrete, rock, sand, and dirt.

  • Construction and Demolition Recycling in the …

    Waste from the construction and demolition industry represents over one third of all waste going to landfill. Over 75% of this is clean, excavated material, such as concrete, bricks and timber which can often be recycled (Sustainability Victoria).

  • Concrete Disposal — Can You Recycle or Throw Away?

    2019-2-26 · In general, concrete can be recycled. In most cases, the unwanted concrete at a job site can be reprocessed into crushed stone. Being able to find a new purpose for it allows you to reduce waste in our landfills and preserve …

  • End of life recycling

    Recycled concrete is a viable source of aggregate and has been satisfactorily used in granular subbases, soil-cement, and in new concrete. Recycled aggregates are classified in one of two ways, as: Recycled Aggregate (RA), or as. Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA). With a growing commitment to recycling construction waste materials, there is now ...

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